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Backed by rich industrial experienced staff we are engaged in manufacturing and supplying huge quality of Single Epoxy Adhesive. The offered Single Epoxy Adhesive is known as heat-curing adhesives which demonstrate outstanding bond strength on curing. These epoxy adhesive is manufactured by mixing a resin and a hardener together. For drying completely into a hard clear coating it takes from one minute to several days that depend on the thickness of the application and the temperature of the work area. These adhesives offer excellent performance at high temperatures and harsh environmental conditions, having superb resistance to strong chemicals. Epoxy Resin Based Adhesive are used to join construction elements together or protect the underlying surfaces from dirt and moisture. Probably the most significant performance prerequisites incorporate extraordinary chemical and heat resistance, magnificent grip and water resistance just as agreeable mechanical and electrical protecting properties. The offered Epoxy adhesives stick on to a gigantic scope of equipment and their properties that are dependent upon the accurate chemistry of the system and the idea of the cross-connecting available. The relieving procedure is exceptionally sensitive to temperature so consistently pursue the manufacturer’s bearings when working with epoxy adhesives.

Benefits of Single Epoxy Adhesive

  • Rubber toughened for high-peel strength and impact resistance
  • No mixing required
  • Excellent environmental durability
  • Rapid cure increases production rates
  • Solvent free improves workplace safety
  • Cost savings over brazing and welding
  • Low odor improves workplace environment

Features of Single Epoxy Adhesive

  • Heat cure systems
  • No mixing or degassing
  • Excellent bonding strength
  • Good Mechanical strength
  • Highly resistance to acids and many solvents
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